Bob Lum, Hunter Series- Complete Collection; produced by Ichiro Hattori- Seki Japan

In 1992 some 20 knife makers formed an Outdoor Knife Section (Sporting Knife) within the Seki Cutlery Association. To promote their products to the global market in 1999 they chose to collaborate and market models under the brand name “Seki Cut”. Several Japanese and American custom knife makers came aboard and contributed their designs. The renowned U.S. knife maker Bob Lum (1943-2007) offered a few of his hunter designs, the fixed blades were made by Ichiro Hattori. The series of the 4 knives designed by Bob Lum were called the Hunter Series.

  • The Hunter Series offered a VG10 blade, brass bolsters and cocobolo handles:
  • The SC-120 Large Hunter a 4″ modified semi-skinner blade.
  • The SC-121 Personal Skinner with a 3″ blade.
  • The SC-122 Trout and Bird with 3″ blade.
  • SC-123 Caper with 2 3/8″ blade.

This is a complete set with all original boxes, blade protectors and bubble wrap for each of the 4 knives. The purchase also includes Ichiro Hattori's 2 sided business card.

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