Recently purchased this small estate of quality knives


Turn your knives into cash or trade toward a new knife.

Fitzwillies is always looking for vintage quality used knives to purchase or take in on trade. US made are great but also knives made in Germany, Japan, England, Sweden and other countries. I do not buy knives Made in China or Pakistan. The knives we buy are comparable to the knives you see offered for sale on this site. Mostly Vintage fixed blades.

Send us several several photos and describe the condition and history of the knife as you know it and what you think it might be worth. Include any packaging or paperwork you have on that knife. 

If the knife has a lot of sentimental value, keep it for your family or friends. We don't want to upset anyone by offering a price for a knife that is priceless to you.  

I love Custom Knives but I shy away from them because it is hard to put a retail value on them. Send me a photo and what you have and want for it, I can always take a quick look and let you know especially if it is a well established knife maker. 

Good photos are preferred and try not to use a flash bouncing off the blade. If the price is agreeable we both win, so let me know how much you are willing to take for the knife and arrive at a price you can be happy with. The knife is doing nothing for you now and it might be just what someone else needs.

Contact me below or to include photos send to: sdirgo@hotmail.com I will try to respond within 24 hours. You can also text photos to 206-949-7954.