Kershaw Trooper Model 1007- Seki, Japan

The KeeshawTrooper model 1007 was introduced in 1978 and produced continuously until 2009.

The knife was originally produced in Seki, Japan by Hattori. Later Kershaw developed a relationship with Kai of Seki Japan to produce this knife. The knife was offered in a presentation case,with a leather sheath and a certificate. The blade was double edged Aus8 Stainless Steel, mirror polished with a stainless steel pommel and guard. The handle was ebony hardwood and it came with a leather boot/belt sheath with clip. The overall length was 9 3/8″ and blade length 5 1/4″. The handle material was also changed to a Phenolic one .

This knife came as is. The pommel and sheath have some corrosion, the blade appears unsharpened, some spots. The quality of work is excellent but there is no serial number on the finger grip. Some knife forums mention KershawTrooper models with sheaths sold overseas without serial numbers. I do not know, it could be is a clone. You be the judge. The weight of the knife at 7.95 oz is mainly in the hardwood handle and adds power to the blade when thrusting.

 additional information: https://hattoricollector.com/2015/09/24/kershaw-trooper-and-other-hattori-daggers/



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