Jet Aer G 96 Boot Knife Model 7003 – Seki, Japan

Jet-Aer Corp. of Patterson, NJ started selling knives in 1973 till the mid-80s taking classic knife designs manufactured by companies like Buck and Gerber and having them produced in Seki, Japan and advertising them for sale in Sporting Magazines. Being made in Seki, Japan they are a quality knife. Jet-Aer still produce fluids for the aviation industry.

Lightweight grooved black composite handle with plastic and aluminum spacers. Satin finished stainless blade with boot clip sheath. The knives were made in Seki, Japan.

“ G-96 BOOT & BELT knives are the finest hunting knives made. “G-96 BOOT & BELT knives are of a special rustproof steel that combines the edge holding ability of high carbon steel with the easy care of stainless steel. “

“When properly sharpened they will hold their razor-sharp edge through long and repeated use.

This boot knife in unique with it’s hollow ground edges, a grind that takes effort doing both edges.

  • Features:
  • •             Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • •             Handle Material: Black Composite
  • •             Blade Length: 4-7/86++++
  • •             Overall Length: 8-3/4
  • •             Weight: 4.2 oz

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