Hugo Hammesfahr & Co., Solingen Germany

Vintage Hugo Hammesfahr Deer Foot hunting Knife. This high-quality knife was produced in Solingen Germany prior to 1950. Often referred to as Gamekeeper knives.

3.5” Blade, 9” overall length with original leather sheath. Blade does not appear to be used, knife and sheath may show spots and handling marks. Judge from the photos.

The Hammesfahr & Co. Messer- und Scheren Fabrik company traces its beginnings back to Hugo Hammesfahr prior to 1897, then Gustav Hammesfahr in 1919. During the Third Reich era, Hammesfahr manufactured HJ knives, as well as SA/NSKK daggers. In 1950, the company re-located to Holland and re-branded itself as "Hammesfahr Holland Scharenfabriek B.V." The company remains in business to this day selling personal care products such as: scissors, manicure, pedicure and beauty accessories.

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