Steve Voorhis Fighting knife # F73

Steve Voorhis, from Inman, Kansas has been a producer of custom knives for over 30 years. Like many knife makers, Steve offered his knives at knife shows and became acquainted with many of the other great knife makers often utilizing their designs and sharing techniques. Many of his knives are in classic styles of Loveless, Lile, Cooper, and Randall.

This is an early model Fighter #73 featuring a mirror finished 6 ¾” 5160 high carbon steel blade with a finished false edge, exposed tapered tang, a double brass lugged hilt for protection and a beautiful ivory-colored handle with lanyard hole. It come with a fitted black leather sheath. The blade has no scratches or signs of use but may show handling. Judge for yourself.

  • Knife: OAL 12”                    
  •   Blade 6 ¾”
  • Handle: 5 ¾”
  • Blade: 1.1” wide           .        20” thick
  • Weight: Knife & Sheath      14.5 oz
  • Weight Knife                       10.7 oz

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