Valor Corporation of Miami Florida existed from the late 1960s until the early 1990s. In it’s time, it was a prominent seller of low cost firearms, ammunition, firearms related accessories and a large importer of knives from various Seki makers. While Valor’s knives covered a wide range of types, a few models were of high quality and stood out. Valor’s copy of the Gerber Mark II dagger, as well as the leather handled Valor 373 were adopted as official knives of two separate US Army Special Forces units.

Buck was a popular US Producer and their designs were often copied by Seki manufacturers such as Hattori; (Valor) and Tak Fukuta; (Jet Aer G-96) at the request of importers.

The 1700 B is the Buck 119 design whereas the 1700 C is the Buck 124 Frontiersman design. I recently acquired a Buck 105 clone produced by Hattori for Valor which makes me wonder if it was considered a 1700 A or just a prototype.

Valor Models (I do not have the 124) Clones of the Buck 119 and Buck 105. 

The handle designs are quite unique with the brass guards, aluminum pommel and 2 tone handles.

Information from Hattori Website;