8 7/8" overall. 4 1/4" 1095 high carbon steel blade with matte finish. Blades are from Marbles original stock. Textured black Kraton (safe grip) handle with vintage fox and hounds scene. Lanyard hole. Imported Embroidered black Cordura belt sheath. Knife Made in USA, sheath imported. The Woodcraft was one of Marbles most popular designs. With a broad sweeping blade good for skinning and butchering,the blade also had a flat top perfect for batoning when necessary.

These blades are excellent and the Kraton (Rubber?) handle very comfortable. Featuring 1095 steel that has a matte finish to reduce rust and 1095 is a steel you can get razor sharp.These original Marbles made in USA knives are a good find. The Woodcraft was a design often copied as it is an excellent hunting/skinning designed blade but can work well as a camp knife..

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