US knives; a time of transition.

In the 1990's it was frustrating for knife consumers trying to determine where a knife was actually manufactured. US knife manufacturers were having knives produced overseas but the knife tang often only identified the Company and where they were based, or even just the name of the company. Government regulations started to demand clarification of this loophole but companies were slow to comply. These Smith and Wesson knives are a classic example. S&W had licensed it's name for knives to Taylor Cutlery which initially produced the knives in the US, but lured by lower production costs in China started transitioning production overseas as Taylor Brands, LLC. These Police model 820 models are a great example.

S&W 820 Boot Knives

These 820 models look identical when viewing them in their sheaths,

The knives look identical with the exception of where on the blade they printed the information as to what the knife was.

They both say Police #820 U.S.A. First Production Run. Leading the consumer to believe this was the first production run of the model 820 in the USA. Look at the 2nd knife and at the tang it show R.O,C./440. Which means Republic of Republic of China. So where was it produced, in China. Also note that for once they identified the steel; 440. However not whether it was 440 A, B, or C. but a start in the right direction. What is on the other side of the knife on the tang, Just Smith & Wesson.