When you or someone you know deserves a Special Gift, a unique knife can be the perfect reward. Perfect for Achievement or Appreciation of Someone Special. A solid memento that stands the test of time and is the perfect conversation piece for your desk, bookcase or in the outdoors for which they were designed.

 A Big Bruiser from SOG (no longer in Production. :SOG Creed CD 1 Satin Finish knife


 A rugged hunting knife designed by Gil Hibben in the 60's and made by Browning in USA.

70's Browning Sportsman Series model 5518



Reproduction of Cattaraugus 225Q Quartermaster -Made in USA

Ontario U.S. Army Quartermaster Knife: USA Made.



The SOG Recon Bowie with cutting bullet logo is the most interestingly shaped and sexiest knife that SOG ever produced.



There is a rare combination of durability and ruggedly handsome styling in the Smith & Wesson USA made Maverick Folding Hunters. 

 80’s Smith & Wesson Clip Point Folding Hunting Knife


 Browning Sportsman series Model 3718 Ichiro Hattori Made: Seki, Japan. A great Vintage knife, that is perfect for bushcraft, camp use or dressing game. Works well for people that have smaller hands or prefer a thinner handle. 

Browning Sportsman Series model 3718 - Ichiro Hattori, Seki, Japan