80's Precise Blackhawk Hunter and Camper Knives by Aitor of Spain

Precise was a NY based company that sold a variety of goods, including knives.

Their knives were made in either Spain (Precise Blackhawk) or Japan (Precise Deerslayer). The knives were a good quality mid-level knife.

Precise International Corporation, Founded 1954 in NYC. Precise is still in business but they quit importing and selling knives either in the late 1980's or early 1990's. The exact date is elusive as they quit importing long before sellers quit selling.

These two lock back blade knives were made in Spain by Aitor in the 80's, stainless steel blades, brass liners, dark hardwood handles (possibly ebony?) with lanyard loop. Aitor still supplies knives to many military forces. The single blade knife was called the Hunter and the 2-blade knife with saw/screwdriver was called the Camper. These are listed used and will show handling. They have great snap, no play in the lock back and are a heavy sturdy knife. Judge for yourself from the photos.

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