NOS Schrade Uncle Henry USA LB5 Smokey

The LB5, Smokey was originally introduced in 1981 and was Schade’s medium size Lockback for those seeking a smaller, lighter knife than the LB7 but still wanting a sturdy knife. The LB5 has a 3 ¾” frame and a 2 7/8” clip point whereas it’s bigger brother the LB7 Bear Paw had a 5” frame and 4” clip point blade. The blade is Schrade+ Stainless Steel and comes with a leather belt sheath.

The Schrade LB5 was produced from 1981 until 2002. Schrade went into receivership in 2004 and knives have since been produced in China. The last Schrade USA catalog featuring the LB5 was in 2001 it had a MSRP of $55.95.

Originally offered with Nickle silver bolsters and liners for 16 years, in 1997 the bolster material of the LB5 was changed to brass to maintain the same look as the brass bolstered LB7. It is reported only 38,000 of the brass bolstered knives were produced from 1996-2002 making them quite unique.

This is NOS, inventory purchased from a family Hardware store that closed.

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