1970's Carl Schlieper Survival/Bowie Knife - Eye Brand Mfg. Solingen, Germany

Carl Schlieper was a German hardware manufacturing business established in Remscheid, Germany in 1793. Eye Brand knives, sometimes called German Eye, have been Hammer forged in Solingen Germany by the Carl Schlieper family for over 100 years. Eye Brand Knives still use forged blades. Hammer forging compresses and realigns the blade steel's grain structure, thereby increasing the toughness and edge holding characteristics of the knife blade. It cost more and is a more time-consuming process, but worth the effort.

The Survival Knives were manufactured in the late 1970’s and imported into the US. They feature an OAL lenght of 10.5” and a 5.5” blade of Hammer Forged 440 Stainless Steel. It had a hollow handle for storing survival supplies, a saw blade on the top of the blade and drilled holes in the hand guard to tie to a shaft to make a spear.

This knife appears in unused condition and comes with the original brown "Made in Germany" leather sheath with pouch for storing small survival items. Overall, excellent condition. Highly collectible. Study photos and decide.

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