1984 Western W77 Boot Knife

 Western Cutlery Company started production in 1896 and went out of business in 2007. Western knives are outdoor knifes used for hunting and fishing, with early models used by soldiers in World War II. Western knives have a huge following among knife collectors and come in a variety of shapes and materials.

This Western Boot Knife W77 is used. The Unique Design has a one piece blade and guard, full tang through wooden handle with solid nickel silver rivets. Double ground 4.5” blade. New design Pat. Pending leather sheath. OAL: 8.5", weight 6.7 oz with leather sheath. Made in USA. H- code indicated 1984 production.

Knife is used and shows some wear. The overall condition of both the knife and sheath is excellent. Judge from photos.

Available: Boot Knives and daggers

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