While Browning is naturally known for it’s firearms, it’s knives are also well known to collectors. In the late 1960s Browning hired a young Gil Hibben to design knives, decades before Rambo III or Star Trek movies made him famous. Designated the Sportsman’s Series they were outright hunting knives, both folding and fixed blades made to complement Browning’s firearms in the field. 

Of all the knives that Ichiro Hattori made for Browning,  one of the two most prominent models would be the 1970s Sportsman Model 3718.

The Browning 3718 was a Drop Point Hunter with an overall length of 7 3/4″ overall and a blade length of 3 1/2″. Steel was described as 440 by Browning at the time but later disclosed to be AUS 8. Handles are made from African Ebony.

Thus knife is in mint condition. no signs of use or sharpening. It was stored in it's box with the sheath and comes with the Browning Sportsman series literature. The box is in good condition, but shows some wear and tear.

Great site which I used for research: http://hattoricollector.com/2015/09/28/browning-hattoris/

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