1984 Western W-49 Bowie 

This large knife conforms to the classical style of the original Bowie Knives. Heavy gauge 9 1/2” Carbon Steel blade with brass guard and resin impregnated hardwood handle. Full width steel tang extends through entire handle. Overall length 14 ¾”. Exclusive swing type (dangler) molded leather sheath allows this big knife to be hung from the belt and carried with ease, especially when sitting in a vehicle. Production code H,

The Western W 49 Bowie 1st began production in 1964 and continued through the Western/ Camillus era of 2006.

During the Vietnam War Special Forces were looking for a knife that was heavy enough to chop down trees and light enough to fight with or open C-Rations. The knife is big but surprisingly well balanced and easy to handle.

Knife is considered used; the sheath is a Western Dangler reproduction. Both are in good condition. The knife may have been a wall display, it came in excellent condition without a sheath. You be the judge. Produced 40 years ago.


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