1979-1981 Kershaw 1035

In the mid-1970s, Peter Kershaw, formerly a marketing representative at Gerber Legendary Knives formed his own company together with his wife Judy and shipped their first knife in 1974. He had sent a Made in USA Gerber fixed Blade to Ichiro Hattori to serve as a design basis for the series of knives that became the Kershaw 10X0 series. The blades were all AUS 8 and while the original models had wood handles, the basic production models used a phenolic resin handle.

The original Kershaw’s included the Field & Stream, Camp & Field, Camp & Stream, Skinner, Field, and Heavy Duty Field. Together, they were known as the Kershaw Hunters. Each model featured beautiful phenolic handles and brass bolsters. In addition to their aesthetic quality, the knives were also great for rugged hunting use. The large finger grooves allowed you to precisely control each blade.

In 1977, Kai Japan opted to purchase Kershaw Knives. Known as Kai USA, it operates as a subsidiary of Kai Japan. Pete Kershaw was initially hired to manage the company.

This is knife 1035 an early model produced by Hattori with the 2 keeper straps on the sheath. The tang features Kershaw on one side on the tang, Japan 1035 on the other side. Later versions produced by Kai featured Kershaw, Oregon USA, by Kai Japan on the tang stamp.

Initially called the Heavy Duty Field knife, it was later named the Moose Hunter being the largest of the 10xx knives produced. Featuring a 5.5”, 3/16th inch thick blade of AUS 8 Stainless Steel, full tang, taper ground blade. The knife measures 10.25” overall length. The scabbards were made by Safariland Leather of Monrovia, CA.

This knife shows little to no use, minor handling and is in excellent condition. Judge for yourself. No box. The knives were discontinued in 2009.

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