1968 Puma Original Bowie knife model- 6396 # 96083 with Pumaster Carbon Steel Blades

The Puma Classic Series Fixed Blade Knives are hand made in Solingen Germany and have long set the standard for the ultimate hunting knife. The stag handles are made from the shed antlers of stag deer, making each stag handled knife truly unique. By 1971 the Pumaster steel blade was replaced by the Stainless Steel for easy maintenance. Many owners preferred the Pumasters steel blades and seek them out. Each handle scale is individually cut, and hand fitted to each knife. The blades are razor sharp and each blade is proof tested for a Rockwell Hardness of 57-60 to ensure the quality of the blades. Comes with a quality Puma leather sheath.

  • Product information "PUMA bowie"
  • Blade length: 166 mm (6.53”)
  • Blade thickness: 4 mm
  • Total length: 11 "
  • Knife weight: 7 oz
  • Scales: staghorn
  • Bolster: aluminum
  • Steel / hardness: Pumaster high carbon steel / 57-60 HRC
  • Sheath: leather
  • Design: PUMA Serial #96083: This knife was made the 3rd quarter of 1968- 55 years ago.

1968 Blade is used in great condition as is the sheath. It shows it was used and sharpened but not heavily. This was probably an outdoorsman’s favorite knife, carried once or twice a year for processing game, cleaned, sharpened and stored for the next year. You can see the sharpening scratches on the blade. Study the photos, a great, proven outdoors knife. 96083-0523

Additional: Large Blades: 5.5"- 7.5"

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