People tell us, "your knives are kind of expensive" and they are. Fitzwillies spends a great deal of time searching out great quality knives from the 1970's - 1990's produced in the USA, Seki, Japan and Solingen, Germany because of the quality, style and manufacturing used during that period of time.

Excellent condition knives produced 30-50 years ago are not easy to locate especially when you cannot see the knives and handle them like when big Knife Shows and Estate Sales were prolific before Covid 19. That was our primary method to obtain high quality knives since 2009.

Fitzwillies has completed over 1,000 transactions with only 2 knives returned; one had a defect we did not see before listing it and one did not fit the purchasers hand. Descriptions and photographs require hours of effort and research. What you see is what you get. How do we price a knife. The knife is assigned a price we are willing to part with it for. Prices change over time as models are harder or even impossible to find anymore.