Vintage Jet Aer G 96 model 3040 knife in Original Box

Jet-Aer Corp. of Patterson, NJ started selling knives in 1973 till the mid-80's taking classic knife designs manufactured by companies like Buck, Gerber, and Rigid Knives and having them produced in Seki, Japan. Jet Aer advertised these knives for sale in Sporting Magazines. Made in Seki, Japan they are a quality knife.

While the use of Steel, brass and wood handles resemble knives made by Rigid USA, whom G 96 often copied, this blade follows more of the pattern of a Buck Kalinga with a bigger up sweep to the blade.

Knife comes in the original box, with leather sheath, warranty card and original purchase receipt for July 29th 1983 from Ross Cutlery in LA for $69.95. Blade appears untouched with small amount of tarnish on the Brass finger guards. For some reason a small section of the sheath has been chewed off. Study the photos before buying. A unique, collectible knife.

Blade in 5 ½”, Overall length of knife is 9 ¾” and knife and sheath weigh 1 lbs.

Fitzwillies specializes in Collectible Knives from the 1970's- 1990's made in the USA and Seki, Japan. 

Additional Jet Aer G-96 Knives, made in Seki, Japan

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