1975 Smith & Wesson Model 6030 Survival Knife #15510

In 1972 Smith and Wesson worked with well-known and innovative knife designer Blackie Collins to introduce the company into the knife business. This program was announced in 1975 and seven knives were initially offered. Called the Survival Series they included a Bowie model 6010, Survival 6030, Outdoorsman 6020, Skinner 6070, folding hunter knife 6060, fisherman knife 6050 and a filet knife 6040. The Survival knives (6020 and 6030) had a hollow handle cavity covered by a solid brass screw-on cap. The handle was round and blended into a double quillon cross guard for maximum workability and production. The 5” blade had a wide flat spine and a sharpened false edge. Overall length is 10" with a 5.5" blade and weighed 10 oz.

This model 6030 Survival Knife was manufactured by Smith & Wesson in 1975 and is a lower serial #15510. It has the bowie/survival fold- over sheath where the belt loop is securely attached to the sheath.

The blade may show handling, the handle is tight but has a small mark on the top of the handle. The spear point and the blade edge are sharp, leather sheath shows minor handling. Factory box included but not the correct serial #. A great used knife to carry or collect.

Judge the condition by the photos.

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