Grohmann 8" Fillet Knife with Cordura Nylon Sheath

Responding to the needs of the fishing industry and to meet the individual requirements of each sport fisherman, Grohmann has designed a lightweight, durable, yet beautiful fillet knife in 8" length.

Made with a Natural Rosewood handle with sturdy brass rivets and a blade of high carbon stainless steel blades, these fillet knives are easy to sharpen and very flexible. The stainless steel blade resist corrosion and are great for fresh or saltwater fishing,, 

Knife Combo's come with black waterproof Cordura® sheaths. 

"Grohmann knives are a family run business in Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada and have been produced for over 50 years. In parts of the US everyone knows Grohmann Knives in other parts they are unknown. They are an excellent knife and come in a variety of styles. Their high carbon stainless steel blades carry a Rockwell hardness of 56-58 and can get razor sharp."

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