Frost Cutlery Flying Falcon knife and Avalanche Para hatchet.

Used, appear in good condition. Bought in Estate Sale with other knives, not my usual selection. Inexpensive, would not want to trust in real survival situation. Good to carry in a car, daypack or camp bag.

The knife measures about 11 1/2" long with a blade length of 6 3/4". Made in China.

Avalanche 6-IN-1 Para: Hatchet, Rope Cutter, 3 Wrench Heads, Bottle Opener. item is made of a stainless-steel blade with 3 wrench heads, a bottle opener, rope cutter, a rope handle and an anti-rust coating. also comes with a sheath. Made in China.

Additional:Large Blades: 5.5"- 7.5"

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