Valor Knives 373 Commando Style Knife

373 The blade is 7 inches in length from tip to hilt and the handle is 5 inches in length. Valor’s copy of the Gerber Mark II dagger, as well as the leather handled 373 were adopted as official knives of two separate US Army Special Forces units.

Tak Fukuta was the first Japanese member of the American Knife Maker's Guild, and apprentice to Bob Loveless. He hand crafted fine quality knives that impressed his mentor. Over the years, his factory in Seki, Japan produced knives for Parker, Valor, Gutmann, Explorer, Frost, and Browning among others.

Model: Valor 373

  • This is a rare Valor commando style knife made by Tak Fukuta many years ago - a very sturdy knife!
  • Condition; Used
  • Made in Seki, Japan circa 1970s-1980s.
  • Overall Length: 12" 
  • Blade: 7" long 440 stainless; center grind may be slightly off center/crooked; original factory edge 
  • Handle: Stacked leather with stainless guard and butt
  • This comes with a heavy-duty custom leather sheath.

This knife is in great condition. The blade looks unused, the leather handle and pommel are tight. There is a slight wobble in the handguard like it needs soldering.  Judge for yourself from the photos.

additional: Vintage US Imports: Seki, Japan


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