Hattori 1700A made in Seki, Japan in the 70's-80's by Ichiro Hattori

Master Hattori was born in the year 1939 and is now 78 years old. Although he has some health problems, he is still active and working hard at his factory every day from early morning to Sunset time. He is now trying to spend more time for teaching his knife skills and techniques to his young craftsmen.

Valor Corp of Miami, imported knives from Ichiro Hattori based on the popular designs of Buck. Hattori later produced 2 models of the buck, the 119 special and the 124 frontiersman. This Hattori 1700 A is based on the Buck 119 special.

For more information go to The Hattori Collector; http://hattoricollector.com/2015/10/01/beretta-and-valor/

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