Show everyone who you are with this "Color Me" bandanna. 

“Color Me" Bandanna, is a quality Made in USA bandanna in 100% cotton that you create to express your true self. Mandala is printed on this 100% cotton bandanna. You create the mood, style and the fashion. A Sunflower design is also available. 

This 21"x21" Cotton bandanna with rolled helm edge has the Mandala design printed on it. Using Permanent Markers like Sharpies or Fabric Pens you color this in a style that is all your own creating a unique Fashion accessory that you can wear. 

Tie it around you head or around your neck to accent your fashion. Tie it on your wrist for a splash of color. Tie it on your luggage to identify yours from everyone else. Use it as fabric to make something unique. Frame it to hang on the wall as a unique art piece.  Create that special gift for someone else. Tie it around your pet to make them stand out and reflect a positive message about their owner, use it to wrap up a special gift. The uses are endless; let your imagination run wild. 

 When coloring, put paper underneath as the colors could bleed through.

 Product Description:

  • This bandanna is made in the USA - 
  • The edges feature rolled hem stitching for durability
  • Fabric is 100% Cotton 
  • Bandanna is 21”x21” 



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