SOG S1 Bowie; 5th Special Forces Group, Vietnam

The S1 Bowie is the flagship model of SOG Specialty Knives Inc, the first knife design to roll off their production line. It is modelled after the exact knife that the brave men of MACVSOG used while in Vietnam for covert recon operations. This knife is gun-blued to a shiny hue, making it a very pretty knife indeed. Many praise it for its beautiful gun-bluing and the use of high quality SK-5 steel, and is considered to be one of the more collectible Seki Japan SOG Knives. The S1 Bowie is commonly known by some as the "5th Special Forces knife", but it was actually called the "SOG Bowie" by SOG.

Engraved on the left front of the blade near the cross-guard is the old "square SOG logo". On the other side of the knife just directly above the guard reads "Seki Japan". In front of that engraving is the "MACVSOG" Special Forces logo. Further down the blade in the middle of the knife reads "Vietnam 5th Special Forces Group". The knife features a leather handle and a classic 'faceted tip' that is the signature feature of the current SOG Bowie knives made today. Most of the current SOG knives follow the form/design of the S1 Bowie. The leather sheath also has the engraved MACVSOG" Special Forces logo which earlier models had.

Blade shows no signs of use or sharpening. Knife and sheath show handling, some corrosion on finger guard and pommel. Come with box.


"Information taken from: http://www.sogknivescollectors.com" an excellent reference for vintage SOG Knives


Blade Length: 6.25 in. x .280 in.

Overall length: 10.75 in.

Blade Steel: SK-5 Carbon Steel

Blade hardness: Rc. 57-58

Blade Finish: Gun-blued, Polished

Weight: 12.3 oz.

Edge: Plain

Carry System: Leather sheath w/Sharpening Stone

Handle Material: Epoxied Stacked Leather

Knife Type: Fixed Blade

Country of origin: Japan

Part #: S1

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