Gerber- Blackie Collins designed River Master; Clip-Lock USA

In 1985, Blade Magazine awarded Gerber Legendary Blades the Overall Knife of the Year for its Clip-Lock knife. Designed by Blackie Collins the Clip-Lock is a one-piece knife with a spring lock that provides quick and easy release from its sturdy Zytel sheath. It is designed for emergencies especially in white water, where quick action can mean life or death. This single edge blade has both a serrated and fine edge. The design and materials provide an ideal choice for river running, kayaking, scuba diving and camping. The blade and handle are formed from a solid piece of high carbon surgical stainless steel. 

  • Blade Length 3.25”
  • Overall Length7.75”
  • Weight 3.8 (oz)

This knife is listed used but shows little wear. Judge from the photos.

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