1970's Browning Sportsman Series 4518- R.P. was a proud owner.

In the 1970’s Browning produced a series of knives considered to be among the finest knives Browning ever offered. 

In 1968, Browning introduced a line of cutlery in the form of 3 fixed-blade hunting knives and a folding knife designed by Custom Knifemaker Gil Hibben decades before Rambo III or Star Trek movies made him famous. Designated the Sportsman’s Series they were well designed hunting knives, both folding and fixed blades made to complement Browning’s firearms in the field. 

The Model 4518 – Skinning, Hunting Knife The knife was generally designed for the hunter that skins his game. Capable of dressing any trophy animal with its deeply curved 4.5” blade contour and serrated spine will deftly cape the trophy for your taxidermist. The blades were 440C and the handles of Stamina Wood or African Ebony.

This models 4518 is used, made in the USA, and loved by R.P. He scratched his initials into the pommel, hand guard and sheath. He also coated the brass with varnish to protect it. (I removed the varnish with vinegar) You can see an example as I left the sheath knife strap snap original. Knife is in good condition, brass could use polishing, but is ready to use. The initials on the knife can be polished out. Great sturdy outdoor knife.

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