Custom-made Steve Voorhis Sawback Survival Knife. Knife is 13-1/2" long with a 7-7/8" blade, double brass guard and a hollow handle with compass in brass pommel. Comes with a thick leather sheath with pouch and sharpening stone. Excellent ¼” thick blade of 5160 steel, spear point and sawback edge. Knife weighs 16 oz, Knife and sheath 22 oz.

Steve Voorhis, from Inman, Kansas has been a producer of custom knives for over 30 years. Like many knife makers, Steve offered his knives at knife shows and became acquainted with many of the other great knife makers often utilizing their designs and sharing techniques. Many of his knives are in classic styles of Loveless, Lile, Cooper, and Randall. This knife closely resembles the Randall 18 Attack Survival knife with a paracord wrapped hollow handle with compass. This knife has never been used and comes with its sturdy leather sheath.

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