1970's Valor Model 407 Commando/Boot knife- Seki, Japan

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Valor model 407 Commando knife

This is a rare Valor Commando style knife made by Tak Fukuta many years ago - a very sturdy knife!

Condition: Used but near mint condition - no marks or scratches. You judge from pictures.

Made in Seki, Japan circa 1970s-1980s

Overall Length: 9"

Blade: 5" long 440C stainless

Handle: Stacked leather with stainless guard and butt

This comes with a factory heavy duty leather sheath with boot clip.

Valor’s copy of the Gerber Mark I dagger, the leather handled 407 were adopted as official knives of two separate US Army Special Forces units.

Takao FUKUTA, began making pocket and hunting knives, and then, in around 1970, he went to the United States to sell his TAK FUKUTA products. Takao FUKUTA’s passion for knives continued to develop, and in 1978 he was recognized by Robert Wald “Bob” Loveless, known as the “god of knives” in the United States, with whom he began an apprenticeship.

The same year, he was the first Japanese person to be accepted into the American Knife Guild for his high-quality work the “Loveless folding knife.” Since Mr. Loveless appreciated Takao FUKUTA, he shared with him all of his skills in making hand-crafted knives. When he got back to Japan, Takao FUKUTA continued creating very useful handmade knives that were simultaneously handy, strong and elegant.

Over the years, his factory in Seki, Japan also produced knives for Parker, Valor, Gutmann, Explorer, Frost, and Browning among others

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