9 Vintage Folding Knives for Sale

These knives were designed to be used and carried, they were and will again.

Pick the size and style that best suits you, some of these are quite unique. You can add a little polish and bring out the shine if you wish or just put them to use.



#1 Smith and Wesson Smith & Wesson CKRD Bullseye Razor Knife $19.95 with Free US shipping

Smith & Wesson CKRD Bullseye Razor Knife 


#2 1980's Smith & Wesson Ultra Light Folder $25.75 with Free US shipping

1980's Smith & Wesson Ultra Light Series


#3 Vintage Sharp Brand folder made in Seki, Japan $24.75 with Free US Shipping 

Vintage Sharp Brand folding knife made in Seki, Japan 


#4 Valor Knives of Miami #315 Made in Seki, Japan $24.75 with Free US Shipping

Vintage Valor Super Sport knives Model 315 Made in Seki, Japan


#5 Camillus 1992 US Army 4 Blade Stainless Steel $34.75 with Free US Shipping

1992 Camillus 4 blade Stainless Steel US Army knife


#6 1970's Sharp 300 folder; Seki, Japan $34.75 with Free US Shipping

70's Sharp 300 Folder, Seki, Japan


#7 Victronix 4 Blade Scout $9.75 with Free US Shipping

Victorinox Original Swiss Army Knife Recruit 


#8 Imperial Frontier Folding Hunter #4624 $38.75 with Free US Shipping

Imperial Frontier Folding Hunter #4624 


#9 Explorer Folding Boot Knife 11-386 Seki, Japan $55.75 with Free US Shipping

Vintage Explorer 11-338 Folding Boot knife made in Seki, Japan