Marble’s® traditional brass body compasses are a 100-year-old institution with outdoorsmen worldwide. Teddy Roosevelt carried a Marble’s compass as did Admiral Perry and Byrd on trips to the North and South Pole. Marble compasses have been routinely pinned on G.I. Bomber and flight jackets in every American conflict since World War ll. A Marble Compass is simply one of the best brass button compasses available.

Marble’s® compasses are still in use today by serious outdoorsmen and survivalists world wide. A compass in a survival situation is a must. If it becomes necessary to move from your current location, you must know which way you are going. A survival compass is a basic survival item and the Marble Compass does the job admirably.

The Marble Brass Button Compass is manufactured in both pin on and pocket versions and features solid brass bar stock construction. The brass compass casing is strong, malleable, waterproof, and will not rust. The movement rotates on an ultra smooth agate jewel bearing and the crystal of the Marble Compass is virtually shatterproof. With a distinctive revolving black face and green luminous letters, the Marble’s® compass is simple and easy to read. Mfg. in China.

Marble’s® Compass Specifications:

  • Two styles:  Button and Pin On

  • Solid Brass Bar Stock Construction

  • Precision Machined

  • Strong, Malleable, Waterproof

  • Ultra Smooth Agate Jewel Bearing

  • Virtually Shatterproof Crystal

  • Revolving Black Face

  • Luminous Green Letters

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