Carl Schlieper survival black knife NOS 0620

Carl Schlieper was a German hardware manufacturing business established in Remscheid, Germany in the 18th century.1793

Eye Brand knives by Carl Schlieper are now fading into history.  At one time, these German works of art were as good as it got in fine cutlery.  There are still some Eye Brand knives available, but the quality is not what it was in the heyday of traditional knife production.  Eye Brand knives are still made in Germany of local steel, they are a good value – but not the knife of 30 years ago like this one.

Eye Brand knives, sometimes called German Eye, have been Hammer forged in Solingen Germany by the Carl Schlieper family for over 100 years. Eye Brand Knives still uses the age-old method of hammer forging its blades. Most traditional knives today are cold stamped, but Eye Brand still forges the steel to shape. Hammer forging compresses and realigns the blade steel's grain structure, thereby increasing the toughness and edge holding characteristics of the knife blade. It is a more costly and time-consuming process, but worth the effort.

Carl Schlieper Eye Brand German Survival knife is 10-3/4" overall. It is the black, non-glare version, condition is NOS the blade has small handling marks, sheath is in great condition and the Survival Pouch includes the black leather leg ties. The blade is stainless, ice tempered, and has a saw edge on the top front part and coated with a non-reflective black coating. The handle is hollow with brass screw on cap. It was used to store survival items. The knives are hard to find, especially in non-reflective finish and even harder to find in this condition. Good Collectible.

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