Amazing Vintage find in unused condition! This Khyber 2750 has never been carried or used, though may have light shop wear. The blade edge is factory sharpened. Khyber knives were made by Ka-Bar between 1976-1983, making this a very rare find in this condition! Knife is excellent, leather sheath by Ka-bar.

  • Model: Khyber 2750 dagger
  • Khyber brand knives are high quality Japanese knives that were imported from Japan between 1976-1983 by the Cole National Corporation - the same company that owned Ka-Bar at the time.
  • Condition: Knife is unused old stock (has a little casting pitting on the guard and tarnish), the sheath is new by "Smith and Wesson" and is a good fit- not original
  • Knife made 1976-1983 in Seki, Japan
  • Overall Length: 9" Blade: 5" long Stainless Steel; original factory edge
  • Handle: Cream color plastic with decorative brass pins and brass guard
  • Comes with leather boot clip sheath by Smith & Wesson
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