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Rigid Knives RG 45

Rigid Model RG 45 Fighting Bowie with sheath; excellent.

This high-quality fighting bowie was made from ¼ inch stock in Japan based on a design by renowned Japanese knife maker Takao Fukuta, the first Japanese person to be accepted into the American Knife Guild for his high-quality work. Takao FUKUTA moved to the USA in 1970 to sell knives and continue to master his craft. In 1978 he was recognized by Robert Wald “Bob” Loveless, known as the “god of knives” in the United States, with whom he began an apprenticeship. He later moved back to Seki, Japan to share his knowledge and produce high quality knives.

The RG-45 knife blade is 7.5” long with an overall length of 12.0”. The knife resembles the Randall Model 14 blade design and it’s made from 1/4" thick stainless steel with a dark (rosewood?) handle secured with two large stainless type pins, heavy stainless lugged handguard and stainless birds beak pommel end cap which is accented with black, silver and red spacers. One side of the blade has the “RIGID” Logo, other side is stamped “RG 45, Stainless Steel, Japan”. The hilt and bird peak pommel are nickel-silver. The handle has spacers of red, black, nickel-silver and black again extend from the front and back of the handle meeting the hilt and pommel. “Feels great in the hand and has excellent balance. Weight of the knife without the sheath is 12.4 ounces. The sheath is the original RG 45 leather sheath where the past owner added a pouch for survival items, sharpening stone, etc. The blade also does not appear to have been used. Both Knife and sheath appear in excellent condition but you judge from the pictures. Includes original box and knife protector sleeve.

This is a well made and balanced fighting knife,

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RG 45

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