Custom Bowie Knife

I purchased this Bowie Knife without a sheath at an auction in Chico, Texas recently. It is 10" overall with a 5.5" blade of high carbon steel. This is an extremely solid knife that weighs 14 oz, has a stag handle and brass guard and pommel. Awhile back I purchased a Triple K Sheath which looked perfect to match up with this Bowie Knife and fits it nice and tight. Bowie has a thick .24" blade and when stropped became very sharp. Other than cleaning the auction stickers off the blade I left the patina "as is" giving the knife character. I have no idea of the maker, someone had sharpened the false edge, the knife is in overall great condition. I like character, but be your own judge.

Bowie with Clip Point

10" overall length

5.5" High Carbon Steel Blade; .24" thick

Brass finger guard and pommel

Stag handle

Circle K leather sheath.


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