Ka-Bar 2750

The Cole National Corporation the same company that owned Ka-Bar had these High Quality knives produced in Seki, Japan. They also produced an almost identical model in1976-1983 the Kyber 2750.This knife shows Ka-Bar Cleveland, Ohio 2750 on one side of the tang, Stainless Japan on the other.

. Features:  (per Ka-bar 1979 flyer )

  • Double-edge stainless steel blade with solid brass hand guard
  • Duracon handle
  • Handle pins have sunburst design 
  • Red spacer between handle and hand guard
  • Leather sheath with fast release retaining snap and metal clip for attaching to belt or boot.
  • Overall length 9”, Blade 5”

Knife is used and has been carried, blade in good condition, no cracks on handle, everything is tight.

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