The American series of S&W knives was introduced in 1981. There were 4 knives with different blade styles, called the "Small Upsweep, Large Upsweep, Light Duty & Heavy Duty" 

S&W described the series as:

THE AMERICAN SERIES FIXED BLADE HUNTERS You're in for a new sensation when you pick up one of the new American Series hunting knives.

They're named after the famed Smith & Wesson Model 3 American, the first large frame, single action, top break .44 revolver. And they share the pioneering heritage of a gun that helped tame the wild American West.

You've never felt a knife like this before. The new "Posi-Grip" handle gives you a comfortable, sure, slip-proof grip no matter what the weather. And there's a lanyard hole for a wrist strap to provide added security. These are real working knives. The shape of the "Posi-Grip" handle gives you perfect control whether you're working with the edge up or the edge down. The "Posi-Grip" handle is going to stay securely in place, too, for year after year of dependable service. 

Blades are 440 stainless steel, shaped for maximum strength and flat ground to the razor sharp edge you want and need.

The fixed blade hunting knives with "Posi-Grip" handles are offered in four popular blade styles. Each comes with a durable, Wessonhide belt sheath.

Model 6085 is a shorter "upsweep" knife with a 3 3/4" blade.

There knives were handcrafted by Vermont Knives for S&W and manufactured in the USA.

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Abner Fitzwillie notes, "These are good USA made knives for S&W with have great handling. Sometimes smaller blades have smaller handles which make them uncomfortable to use. All of the American series have the same handle and it is extremely comfortable to use. This skinner is designed to be used and will feel great skinning and for general camp use."


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