1999 Marbles Trailmaker (R.W. Loveless) model with Micarta Handles (also called a Trail Knife)

Webster Marble began production of the Model 56 Trailmaker in late 1908 or early 1909. About 25,000 were made between 1909 and 1958 alone. The 1999 10-inch Trailmakers are laser cut from solid bars of high carbon 52100 steel and subjected to a complicated multi-step process for proper heat treat and temper. This costly process ensures maximum edge holding, removes all traces of brittleness for strength and minimizes warpage. This knife will effortlessly sever a two-inch manila rope, clear a trail, and cut firewood. Or, just enjoy the esthetic beauty of this impressive knife. Specs: Blade length: 10 1/2" Handle length: 5" Overall length: 15 1/2" Weight: 22 oz. Rockwell: 58-60 Rc. Blade Thickness: .250". 

R.W. Loveless approved Marble 99 knives were produced in the Mike Stewart Era at Marbles 1997-2001. The knives were produced in Gladstone, MI in 1999. Mike Stewart and Bob Loveless were good friends and had a close-working relationship, and Mr. Loveless provided input and approval for this classic and versatile design. The 52100 steel was considered by many to be the finest blade steel Marbles ever used. Knives from this '99 series are sought after because they were only manufactured for one year, carry the R.W. Loveless approved oval on the blade and were produced during the Mike Stewart Era at Marbles before he left to form Bark River Knives. 

The substantial Marbles Trailmaker was designed to be an efficient and valuable bush and camp tool. Just the thing for clearing a trail or building a shelter. The Trailmaker is tough, reliable and serves a variety of practical needs for the outdoorsman. 

This Knife is NOS, has beautiful Micarta handles and exceptional leather sheath- no box. Blade is unused with original factory edge. A fine collectible.

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