Kershaw 4071- #1534

Beautiful US-made Kershaw limited edition model 4071 bowie knife designed and made by the legendary knifemaker Dan Harrison for Kershaw circa 1992. Model 4071 was limited to 3000 serial-numbered knives; this Bowie is SN #1534, comes with original leather sheath. Unlike many so-called "factory customs", Dan Harrison designed personally made these knives. Harrison designed the entire three-part series of superb Hunting Bowies for Kershaw: models 4070, 4071, and 4072. The high quality leather sheaths were made by his wife, Carol. The 3 sizes were 4070-6", 4071-7.5 ", 4072-9". My favorite is the 4071 with 7.5" blade, I like the balance and blade length of the 4071 the best. Dan Harrison a gifted knife maker passed away awhile ago, a big loss to the industry.

The overall quality of this knife is simply superb; the balance is excellent. The knife is about 12" / 30.5 cm overall; the blade is about 7-1/2"-18.8 cm. Laminated wood handle with solid bronze guard and pommel and all parts are tight with no play. Brown leather sheath is also in excellent condition but has lost a stitch (see photo).

This is a superb Bowie Knife. Don't miss your chance to add it to your collection or keep it as a great gift for special someone in your life. 

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