Track Knives, Whitefish Montana, Montana Trapper

Track knives was founded 1970 by Ray Schmidt and his longtime friend Don Pfirmerer. Ray had been active making and perfecting hunting knives since he was 12 years old. Both Ray and Don were active hunting, fishing and hiking together while growing up in Whitefish however after college Don relocated to Alaska for 7 years. After visiting Ray and returning to Alaska with one of Rays knives he skinned and butchered walrus, caribou, whales, moose and bear than passing the knife around to other hunters to use and see how well it held up. Ray went to Alaska for several months and ended up shooting a Boone and Crockett brown bear and shortly after they both returned to Whitefish to start Track Knives.

Track Knives are produced from a bar of high-carbon, low chromium, nickel vanadium alloy with a 58-60 Rockwell C rating. Blades are shaped using a flat grind, a hand fitted brass bolster is added and a variety of handle materials are offered and comes with a saddle leather sheath. Knife has been used and carried, small sharpening scratches on blade and handling on sheath, great overall condition.

From the original 1975 brochure; "Montanna Trapper; shaped to many uses. Its drop point blade makes ripping easy. Upsweep blade plus finger groove make for perfect skinning control or tough bone cuts. Serrated thumb rest gives you leverage at the balance point. Our best game and camp 4 1/2" blade."


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