Victorinox Original Swiss Army Knife Recruit

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Victorinox Original Swiss Army Knife Recruit

The original Swiss Army knife was designed in 1896 Karl Elsener developed an improved knife, intended for the use by officers, with tools attached on both sides of the handle using a special spring mechanism, allowing him to use the same spring to hold them in place.[4] This new knife was patented on 12 June 1897, featuring a second, smaller cutting blade, a corkscrew, and wood fibre grips, under the name of Schweizer Offiziers- und SPortmesser ("Swiss officer's and sports knife")

Over 100 years later when someone mentions Swiss  Army Knife we visual a red knife that looks like the recruit. Stainless Steel Spear Point main blade, screwdriver, bottle opener, can opener, pen blade, tweezers and toothpick with a ring for a lanyard.

This one has been carried but is in good condition.

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