1970’s Browning Sportsman 3718 made by Ichiro Hattori in Seki, Japan

Browning first introduced their own line of Sportsman’s Knives in 1969. As with all products carrying our name, these knives were very elegant yet highly functional. Like the popular consumer product styling of the late 1960s, many of these original designs had a definite flare for the dramatic.

In developing this new series of knives, Browning sought out a gifted, young; Gil Hibben long before his Rambo knives became famous. The series of knives were manufactured in the USA, Germany and Seki, Japan, however, this model was only produced by Ichiro Hattori.

Of all the knives that Ichiro Hattori made for Browning, one of the most prominent models would be the 1970s Sportsman Model 3718.

The Browning 3718 is a Drop Point Hunter with an overall length of 7 3/4″ overall and a blade length of 3 1/2″. Steel was described as 440 by Browning at the time but later disclosed to be high quality AUS 8. Wood handles are made from African Ebony. The beautiful leather sheath handcrafted in Mexico is in excellent condition with distinctive basketweave design. This is the first one of this series I have seen with the model number engraved on it. Usually you must measure or look on the sheath. Might be early model.

This knife and sheath are in excellent condition. Blade may have never been used. See photos for condition.

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Great site which I used for research: http://hattoricollector.com/2015/09/28/browning-hattoris/


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