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80’s Valor 480 Survival-Dive knife, Seki, Japan.

80’s Valor 480 Survival-Dive Knife, 440 Stainless Steel 4 3/8" blade, overall length 8 7/8", blade width ¾”. The double edge knife has a serrated section on one edge, good for cutting rope. Made in Seki, Japan it features a waterproof sheath and sturdy latch to secure knife complete with rubber leg straps. Knife is NOS may have handling marks. Makes an excellent leg knife for someone who does not wear boots.

Valor of Miami was an importer of knives made in Seki, Japan, often copies of US made knives like Gerber’s and advertised the knives for sale in men’s magazines. When movies featuring knives like Rambo happened. the name survival was added to a lot of knife descriptions. I would not recommend a dagger for survival but if it is all you have, it has uses.


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