70's Valor 408 Survival Knife; Seki, Japan 

It is a testament to the popularity of the Gerber Mark II, that at least six copies/clones have been made. 

The Valor "SUPER SPORT SURVIVAL KNIFE" is probably the best quality Mark II copy made. The Valor was manufactured in Japan during the 70's for the Valor Corporation of Miami, Fla. The 440 stainless steel blade has the wide wasp blade profile with 8 teeth-per-inch serrations on a two-inch section on both blade edges. The black diecast aluminum handle is almost identical to that of the Mark II. It was a popular purchase for GI's who could not afford the Gerber Mark II.

The Valor knives are not serial numbered. The blades have a brushed finish and are electro-etched with "VALOR / MIAMI, U.S.A." on one side of the blade ricasso and "440 STAINLESS" / "JAPAN 408" on the opposite side of the ricasso.

The Valor was sold with a black leather sheath that is very similar to the Mark II presentation sheaths that have the square tip and belt loop. The sheath is unmarked.

Spine is 1/4" thick, Blade 6 7/8", 11 7/8" Total length

This knife has been used lightly and sharpened. Judge for yourself from the photos. These are rare knives to find in this condition.

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