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"Sharp" was a U.S. Importer of knives in the late 1970's to 1980's period. They offered a number of quality Seki, Japan made knives. The steel was advertised as stainless and is believed to be Japanese AUS 8. Seki, Japan was producing some remarkable knives during this time. There were a few very talented manufactures there that were sought out by the importers for producing quality products.

Sharp brand Model 300 folding knife. Stainless steel. Made in Japan. Blade is 4" long. Overall length is 9" long. Knife and case are in great shape and do not appear to be used, You judge for yourself.

This is a Sharp Model 300

Knife was sold by retailers in the 70's- 80s. 

They made 3 sizes; 100, 200, & 300.

This is the large one.

Blade steel is excellent.

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