1978 S&W Survival Bowie Model 6030

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One of the few knives S&W forged in house by their Knife Division was the Survival Series knives designed by Blackie Collins..

Unless they are new in box, I am sure the blade has been sharpened. Shows no abuse to blade but judge for yourself. Sheath has a few spots, but in great condition. Everything nice and tight.

In 1972 Smith and Wesson worked with well known and innovative knife designer Blackie Collins to introduce the company into the knife business. This program was announced in 1975 and seven knives were initially offered. Called the Survival Series they included a Bowie, Outdoorsman, Survival, Skinner a folding hunter knife, a fisherman knife and a filet knife. The Survival knife had a hollow handle cavity covered by a solid brass screw-on cap. The handle was round and blended into a double quillon cross guard for maximum workability and production. The 5 inch blade had a wide flat spine and a sharpened false edge. Overall length is 10" with a 51/2" blade and weighed 10 oz.This knife is used as shown in the photos and deserves to be worn by a outdoors man on one side with a S&W revolver on the other. Knife was mfg. 1978 (Printed inside S&W Logo on blade).s. Knife numbered 33998

The blades were forged from modified 440 Series Stainless Steel. A total of 47 operation from forging to hand polishing are performed on the blade before fitting to the handle on the Survival knife. The amount of work necessary for these knives caused S&W to fall behind on production and delivery to the retailers. Smith and Wesson produced in house a few other knives but none that required the amount of hand fitting as this series. The most beautiful knives S&W ever produced.

For more details on this unique series from Smith and Wesson: http://smith-wessonforum.com/smith-wesson-knives-collectables/106690-s-w-knife-brochure.html

Abner Fitzwillies notes, "Amazing knives in beauty, design and manufacturing. A true work of functional Art."

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