1976 Blackie Collins designed S&W Bowie Knife Model 6010 #21319

In 1972 Smith and Wesson worked with a well known and innovative knife designer Blackie Collins to introduce the company into the knife business. This program was announced in 1975 and seven knives were initially offered. Called the Survival Series they included a Bowie, Outdoorsman, Survival, Skinner a folding hunter knife, fisherman knife and a filet knife.

The blades were forged from modified 440 Series Stainless Steel. A total of 47 operation from forging to hand polishing are performed on the blade before fitting to the handle on the Survival knife. The amount of work necessary for these knives caused S&W to fall behind on production and delivery to the retailers. Smith and Wesson produced in house a few other knives but none that required the amount of hand fitting as this series. The most beautiful knives S&W ever produced in house.

This Knife is model 6010 the Bowie Knife which is a traditional Bowie Style blade configuration with similar shaped sharpened false edge. The Wessonwood handle is blended smoothly with the double quillion brass guard and pommel. The Bowie has a 6” blade, 10” overall and weighs 13 oz. This is a NOS Bowie Model 6010 #21319 with original box and the genuine leather S&W sheath, the original warranty card is included. Box shows some wear on the box, sheath was enclosed in plastic and some of the brass tarnished. This is a classic Bowie design with upswept false edge, double handguard and leather sheath all professionally designed and produced in house by S&W,

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