1975 Blackie Collins designed Smith & Wesson Survival Bowie Model 6030 serial #10135.

This knife could have a unique story to tell. I bought it from an auction in Graham, Texas and when I got it the knife appeared to be unused. It had a screw hole through the belt loop like it had been screwed to the side of a cabinet, inside a door, or somewhere else and mounted upright so it could be easily accessed but probably never was and could have been forgotten. The patina on the brass guard shows where the strap secured the knife to the sheath. The snap closure on the belt loop has been pulled off which happened frequently if these brass straps were not undone periodically or not pulled up by the dot. The opposite side of the blade has some contamination near the point from being left in the sheath. Otherwise the knife is exceptional.

In 1972 Smith and Wesson worked with well-known and innovative knife designer Blackie Collins to introduce the company into the knife business. This program was announced in 1975 and seven knives were initially offered. Called the Survival Series they included a Bowie, Outdoorsman, Survival, Skinner a folding hunter knife, a fisherman knife and a filet knife. The Survival knife had a hollow handle cavity covered by a solid brass screw-on cap. The handle was round and blended into a double quillon cross guard for maximum workability and production. The 5” blade had a wide flat spine and a sharpened false edge. Overall length is 10" with a 5.5" blade and weighed 10 oz. This knife was manufactured in 1975 the 1st year they were produced and is serial #10135.

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